He’s a DJ. He Might Win ‘SA’s Got Talent’. And He’s Only 3.

The ‘South Africa’s Got Talent’ audience was on its feet Sunday night when DJ Arch Junior, all of three years old, took to a digital music deck and handled the jog wheels and transport controls like a pro.

Oratilwe Hlongwane from Alexandra township has reached the semifinals of the show’s national competition. He’s the youngest person to have ever been on the show and has been called the youngest DJ in the world. The YouTube video of the Sunday show has already been viewed over 750,000 times.

Watch DJ Arch Junior in this video from ‘SA’s Got Talent’

The audience jumped up and started dancing in no time, as the youngster, wearing a red anorak and red headphones that almost dwarfed his head, got to turning knobs and flipping switches.

He was brought on stage by his father, Glen Hlongwane, who said his son started DJing at the age of one. Glen Hlongwane said he had downloaded some DJing software, which his son started playing with, and now he’s his father’s spin partner.

Oratilwe is no stranger to the spotlight. When he was only two years old, the British media called him a viral sensation who knew how to DJ before he could talk.

Watch a video of DJ Junior Arch when he was only two