Do You Speak African? Brilliant Video Busts Those Africa Myths!

Many people have welcomed Al Jazeera’s portrayal of Africa in a segment on ‘UpFront’ called ‘Reality Check: Africa is not a Country’. Some said it heralded a welcome contrast to the depiction of Africa that is often presented by other large global news media of a continent filled with doom and gloom that needed outsider help.

Reality Check’s Mehdi Hasan first highlights the mistake made by the majority of people around the world, including America’s vice-president Joe Biden, that Africa is a ‘nation’.

In the show, aired last week, Hasan asks viewers “Do you speak African?” and then answers, “well, neither do the 1 billion people on the continent.”

With graphics and statistics in the background Hasan exposes popular misconceptions about the African continent, revealing that it’s actually home to 54 different nations, has more than 2,000 languages, has produced 22 Nobel laureates, and has four of the world’s 10 fastest growing economies…amongst many other things fantastic statistical facts about Africa.

As he concludes: “Every 60 seconds in Africa…a minute passes by!”

Watch Video: Reality Check: Africa is Not a Country!

Do You Speak African?????video credit:Al Jazeera

Posted by Naija Gbedu on Monday, October 5, 2015

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