‘Terminator’ Arnold Backs Anti-Poaching in New Video

Actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is in a new anti-poaching video where an elephant’s tusk gets blown up after the “Terminator” says “Let’s get rid of the demand for ivory”.

Watch the video of the tusk explosion:

“Hey, stop killing 96 elephants every day just because of this ivory,” Schwarzenegger  says, holding up a tusk. “Let’s get rid of the demand once and for all.”

He then can be seen wiring up an explosive device, after which there is a long shot of a tusk stuck in a bale of hay exploding.

The video was made on behalf of the Wildlife Conservation Society, a group based at New York’s Bronx Zoo, according to a news report.

WCS’s 96elephants.org division says the video comes not a moment too soon.

“A dangerous policy rider has been proposed in the House Interior Appropriations Bill that would undermine efforts by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to curtail the illegal trade of ivory in the United States,” it says.

WCS says the Los Angeles Zoo donated the blown-up tusk, adding that eight countries have publicly destroyed more than 42 tons of illegal ivory this year.

Schwarzenegger is the latest celebrity to put their name behind the anti-poaching/save-the-rhino/elephant campaigns, following actor Jackie Chan, basketball player Yao Ming, and actors Angelina Jolie, Ricky Gervais and Leonardo di Caprio.