The staff signing and dancing. Photo_ Drew Abrahamson.

We’ve all seen it happen on videos shared on Facebook, the amazing choir that bursts out in song unexpectedly when the long-estranged couple meets at the airport. But what happens when the staff members at the local Woolies do it right in front of you?

The staff singing and dancing. Photo_ Drew Abrahamson.

That is what happened today (Tuesday) to Drew Abrahamson and a friend in the Woolworths at Dainfern Square, Johannesburg.

“I think they planned it,” she said, “but still, what a way to do your shopping!”

“There was a granny standing next to me dancing away lol … so cute! The guy in the red shirt had a killer voice … sjoe!! Not one person didn’t have a smile on their faces.”

Watch the video as the staff goes musical


Woolies…making their customers happy!!! Goosebumps….#Africa #southafrica

Posted by Drew Abrahamson on Tuesday, 24 November 2015