Sawubona! Howzit! Sing Adele’s ‘Hello’ Like a South African!

Adele’s hit ‘Hello’ has broken records around the world…and spawned many copycat versions. Below are three of the Southern African versions…

Yesterday, Monday 30 November, Adele’s album ’25’ made history by debuting on the Billboard 200 chart with a record 3.48 million sales of the album – the largest sales of albums in a week since Nielsen began tracking point-of-sale album purchases in 1991!

Hello… Wil Jy Braai?

Uploaded by BraaiBoy – “Yeah, Yeah… Adele’s “Hello” is pretty good, but this cover by Frankie & Bad Peter is the business!”

Zulu version of Adele’s ‘Hello’ by Daud Rugunate-Sawubona

Uploaded by VosloKing – “A South African Zulu version of Adele – Hello.”

And one of our favourites – from Taps Mugadza:

The one-time orphan from Zimbabwe, who turned to music in his teens, now lives in California and sings this song with heart and soul…see more here.

Adele’s Original Video – ‘Hello’