‘Zuma Must Fall’ VIDEO as No-Confidence Debate Stalls

South African musicians Don Clarke and Special Care have collaborated to release a song, named after the hashtag #ZumaMustFall. The video is being shared at the same time as a question now hangs over whether the debate of no-confidence in South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma – which had been welcomed by many – will take place when Parliament opens in February or not.

Car covered in ANC flags.
Proud ANC supporter’s car covered in flags, in Magaliesburg this weekend to celebrate the ANC’s 104th birthday.

While the Speaker of Parliament Baleka Mbete earlier this week agreed to the Democratic Alliance (DA) request for a motion of no confidence debate, the DA on Tuesday accused Mbete (who is often perceived to be protecting him from any attack in the chamber) of back-pedalling…after she said the debate may not happen due to a “busy” parliamentary programme.

While the ANC – which celebrated its 104th birthday last weekend – has reported a huge drop in supporters, many #ZumaMustFall campaigners have pointed out they are not calling for the ruling African National Congress (ANC) to fall, but only for its current leader to be replaced.

The ‘Zuma Must Fall’ song (watch above or below) was written by singer songwriter Don Clarke, who produces music for legendary SA comedian Leon Schuster; and the Zulu words are by Special Care. It’s performed by both of them.


Clarke said on facebook: “I have worked with Thembiso Sithole AKA Special Care for many years. He has participated in a lot of the music I produce for Leon Schuster.

“Sadly, he is still just an impoverished part-time taxi conductor living in a squatter camp in Pietermaritzburg…”

The lyrics address the unemployment of many, and the pain in the “beloved country” as “this land is dying in the hands of a man who has no answers at all”. Clarke sings: “last night I dreamed I saw Madiba’s eyes…Gazing sad upon this place” and says “we must not wait until there’s nothing left to lose…with our backs against the wall.”

WATCH VIDEO: Zuma Must Fall – performed by Don Clarke & Special Care.