Zuma Officially Admits Africa is Not the Biggest Continent

President Jacob Zuma has officially said he made a mistake about Africa being the biggest continent in the world. It is, he admits, the second biggest in terms of population after Asia.

In a statement released on Monday, the Presidency referred to a speech Zuma made on 9 December at a dinner in Sandton, where he said Africa was the biggest continent.

“The President regrets the error,” the statement said.

Zuma also said at the time that all continents put together would fit into Africa.

The statement comes only days before Zuma is to fly to Europe to attend the World Economic Forum of world leaders in Davos, Switzerland.

The video of Zuma saying Africa is the biggest continent:

The brief statement by the president’s office said, “Africa is in fact the second biggest continent in terms of population size, and the biggest continent in this regard is Asia. According to the United Nations World Population Prospects 2015, 60% of the world population lives in Asia (4.4 billion), 16% in Africa (1.2 billion), 10% in Europe (737 million), 9% in Latin America and the Caribbean (634 million), and the remaining 5% in North America (358 million) and Oceania (39 million).”