Woman Arrested in Beaufort West for Trying to Bribe Traffic Officer

BEAUFORT WEST – A woman who was driving past Beaufort West on Sunday was arrested after trying to bribe a traffic officer, it was reported.

Source: police.gov.rw.

Apparently the 51-year-old woman would have received a R700 fine for the speed she was going at, and she offered to pay the traffic officer R200.

The issue of bribery and traffic officers has been in the news,  most recently for an incident outside Centurion where a traffic officer reportedly tried to bribe a British sports commentator for driving without a licence.

“The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) would like to warn all motorists to desist from paying bribes because this is criminal conduct and is viewed seriously by courts,” the agency said in November 2015.

In early January it was reported that a traffic officer in North West was arrested for soliciting bribes from passing motorists.

In November an Eastern Cape taxi owner was found guilty for bribing a traffic officer with R400 after it was found that his vehicle had no operating licence and two extra seats had been fitted into the vehicle.