More than R10,000 of donations were sent in by people who saw a TV programme on Wednesday about a woman in Ocean View, Cape Town, who has been called the  Mother Teresa of Animals.

Watch the interview with Ingrid de Storie:

Not long after Ingrid de Storie’s story aired on TV, people started sending in money, according to the Facebook page of 1 Kennel at a Time, which was set up to support De Storie’s animal rescue efforts.

“Ingrid was so humbled, a day none of us will ever forget,” 1 Kennel at a Time’s organisers said.

For more than 20 years De Storie has been helping the stray animals and animals in need on the streets of Ocean View out of the meagre proceeds she makes from her fish and chips shop. The tragedies she has witnessed have taken their toll on her, according to the TV programme, but she carries on.

After all the money came through, two fellow animal rescuers who have become involved with De Storie’s efforts spoiled her for the day.

And then it was back to the animals!

stray dog
One of the dogs in Ocean View. Source: 1 Kennel at a Time Facebook page.