Goosebump Grammy Moment – “Africa is on the rise… Africa is joyful”

With all the Grammy 2016 talk being focussed on the microphone that fell on a piano during Adele’s performance, and Taylor Swift becoming the first woman to win a Grammy of the Year award twice (as main credited artist)… you may have missed this magical moment from Benin musician Angelique Kidjo as she accepted the Grammy for Best World Music album.

The West African singer won for her album SINGS, recorded with the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg with Gast Waltzing (whom she thanked for his vision to bring African and classical music together).

Dancing joyfully up to the stage, 55-year-old Kidjo burst into a “thank-you” song and then said: “I want to dedicate this Grammy to all the traditional musicians in Africa, in my country, and all the young generation… the new African music, vibrant, joyful music that comes from my continent that you have to get yourself to discover.

“Africa is on the rise. Africa is positive. Africa is joyful. Let’s get together and be one through music and say no to hate and violence through music. Thank you.”

WATCH VIDEO – Angelique Kidjo Accept Best World Music Album at 58th Grammy’s

Listen to SINGS here:

Angelique Kidjo SINGS with the Orchestre Philharmonique Du Luxembourg – Malaika

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