6 New South African Movies to Look Out For

The SA movie industry is forging ahead with some great productions – from period pieces to cross-cultural love stories to tearjerkers and more. Have a look at the latest offerings.

A group of soldiers in the Boer War find themselves sent to Saint Helena island in the Atlantic Ocean as prisoners of war in “Modder en Bloed” (Blood and Glory) and survive by playing rugby.

Here’s one for expats and lovers of romantic comedies. A woman comes home from her big job in New York and¬†finds herself drawn into a local craft beer competition, in “Sonskyn Beperk” (Sunshine Limited).


Tragedy strikes in the highly praised “Sink” when a domestic worker’s child dies while under the protection of her employer.


“Free State”, the story of a cross-racial love affair in the turbulent 1970s, has been entered in several festivals around the world, and last week won a prize at the Garden State Film Festival in the US.

“Happiness is a Four-Letter Word” – the story of a friendship between three woman in Joburg falling in and out of love – has just shown on circuit, and drew in the crowds, and is definitely one of the slicker productions that has been made in SA recently.

Also on circuit¬†already, the comedy “‘n Pawpaw Vir My Darling” has a dog as a main character and a family called Beeslaer living in Damnville (like the much-joked-about Danville) dealing with post-1994 South Africa.