New footage has emerged proving that the Kruger National Park were quite right when they hypothesised that the buffalo which smashed into a tourist’s vehicle in South Africa – in a video which went viral – were probably “spooked” by lions.

As reported by SAPeople on Friday, the Kruger said that “most probably there were lions near the waterhole which spooked the buffalo, causing them to crash into the white sedan vehicle”.

After uploaded the video, which shows a stampeding herd of Cape Buffalo running into a car in their haste, the Park also cautioned visitors to the park to “always be patient around animals”.

The incident occurred on 1 May but the video was only uploaded on Friday.

The following day, a new video emerged (see below) which shows two male lions chasing the herd into the tourists’ cars.

According to reports, nobody was hurt… and the buffalo all managed to escape unharmed.

This new video was recorded by Penny Osborne on the H1-4 near Olifants in the Kruger National Park.

Watch Video: Lions Chase Buffaloes into Tourist’s Car

Uploaded by Kruger Sightings.

Watch the first video – Car gets smashed in Buffalo Stampede

Uploaded by Kruger National Park.