Former ANC secretary general Cheryl Carolus says that President Jacob Zuma is dividing the country and African National Congress for his own enrichment, and that his legal bills have already reached R1 billion.

“If you add up all the things that the president has serially (done), since pre-Polokwane, the legal costs, hundreds of millions each case,” Carolus told interviewer Melanie Verwoerd. “I’m telling you, it’s over a billion rand in legal costs that one person who should be the most exemplary citizen of this country has taken the country into the most divisive period that this country and my organisation … that we have never seen or imagined.

“That one person could divide us, not around policies, not around value but around misdemeanours that … has to do with his own enrichment or benefit.”

Carolus is one of numerous political leaders who came out publicly against Zuma after the Constitutional Court ruling over Nkandla.

Carolus, who said that she once used to go and seek advice from Zuma, and says he is a “capable” man, does not understand why he has changed since then.

“If he needs a shrink, then he has medical aid that will pay for him.”

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