In an interview with the BBC about his time on the Daily Show in the US, and facing the upcoming US election – and the controversial candidacy of Donald Trump, who was the subject of a viral tweet this week – Trevor Noah said that he found aspects of the US not dissimilar to South Africa.

Talking about being the child of a mixed-race couple – which features often in his sketches – he said, “I’ve always been fascinated by race. I’ve always felt it’s one of the core disparities we have in the world … is just all around race and how we look. And America is not that dissimilar to South Africa in its history. … For me in America when I go there, I go I recongise that racism. That reminds me of home.”

In the interview, done shortly after Noah finished his 100th episode of the show he took over from Jon Stewart last year, Noah was asked about the controversial US presidential candidate Donald Trump and whether he had a joke for Trump

“How do you give one of the greatest comedians a joke,” Noah laughed. “I feel Donald Trump should give me jokes.”

Watch interview with Noah below:

And talking of Trump, a tweet about him by a South African went viral this week and was even retweeted by US talk-show host Andy Cohen. In it he said, “If Trump really were a friend of gays one of us would have fixed his wig and makeup by now.”