Miss Deaf World

South Africa’s Janie Erasmus was crowned Miss Deaf World 2016 at a ceremony in Prague, Czech Republic, last night.

Miss Deaf World
Source: FB/‎Miss-Mister Deaf World and Europe, World Fashion show 2016. Photo by Arthur Koff
Janie Erasmus2
Leviena Smit and Janie Erasmus after South Africa’s win last night at the Miss Deaf World competition in Prague.

Leviena Smit (pictured right), Managing Director of Miss Deaf World in South Africa, said: “Congratulations to our beautiful Miss Deaf World 2016 – Janie Erasmus. Breathtaking crowning moment… super proud! xx”

Hours before the ceremony, Janie wrote the following message on social media:

“To all my Rainbow-supporters in South Africa and new international friends – thank you for your support, kind words and messages of encouragement for my participation in the Miss Deaf World Pageant tonight.”

She also posted a video that was to be broadcast at the ceremony (see below).

The Miss and Mister Deaf World 2016 contest is held annually and aims to integrate hearing impaired young people into society. This year the contest attracted 75 deaf contestants from around the world.

Second and third place went to Senegal and Canada.

According to Janie’s Facebook page, she usually works in administration at Spar.

Janie Erasmus
Janie Erasmus in Prague. Source: FB

Watch the moment Janie Erasmus was crowned Miss Deaf World 2016:

(The sound is not very clear.)

Watch Video: Miss Deaf South Africa 2015 – Janie Erasmus

This is the video that was shown at the Miss Deaf World contest last night of Janie “proudly representing our beautiful country”…