UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson referred to the continent of Africa as “country” while delivering a speech on his first three months as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. 

Speaking at the Conservative Party conference, Johnson said: “For all its difficulties, life expectancy in Africa has risen astonishingly as that country has entered the global economic system.”

The English politician then went on to quote the life expectancy of the average Ethiopian.

During his speech Johnson also spoke of Britain’s “irresistible soft power”, praised the BBC for being the “most effective ambassador for our culture” and said that while one in 10 Brits live overseas, great minds from around the world gather in London which is a “great jiving funkopolitan melting pot”.

Watch Boris Johnson call Africa a “country”

Referring to conflicts and the refugee crisis, Johnson said the world is “less safe” than a decade ago because the West is less willing to intervene; and said countries across Africa were becoming more authoritarian… before then calling the entire continent a country!

FYI Mr Johnson – Africa has 54 countries! (Although it’s most probable that Boris knows this and simply made a mistake.)

Parts of his speech were humorous (see below) including references to the Soviet Union and his announcement that since 2012 there have been more Hollywood films about Somali pirates, starring Tom Hanks, than there have been actual attacks.

Watch Boris Johnson’s full speech at the Conservative Party Conference