Watch Mad Mike’s Terrifying Stunt Racing up Franschhoek Pass

Check out New Zealand drifting racer Michael Whiddett – known as ‘Mad Mike’ – as he takes on South Africa’s Franschhoek Pass in what he calls his “most terrifying stunt”. And don’t watch on a full stomach!

In ‘Conquer the Cape’, Mad Mike hitches a ride with a local before stepping into his Mazda RX8 ‘Badbul’ to take on the dramatic mountain pass which ascends 468 metres.

The 35-year-old has been racing motocross since the age of six and has no fear for speed or hairpin bends. Racing at a crazy 245km/h, Mad Mike comes dangerously close to the 100m sheer drop into the valley.

Mad Mike Drifts BADBUL Around the Franschhoek Pass | Conquer The Cape

The intro song is composed by Andrew Hoole & Greg Abrahams from Sound Foundry and the main song is “Zengenkani” by uSanele featuring Stilo Magolide.