PRETORIA – Tshwane has closed down for the potentially historical marches today to save South Africa, with music in the air and a heavy police presence on the ground.

The Save South Africa campaign kicked off with a beautiful rendition of the country’s national anthem in church…

It included a gathering of several business and political heavyweights such as leaders of COPE, SACP and UDM.

Church Square is alive with the colour of red as the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) sing and chant songs which include the words Zuma thupa ya tla (Zuma you’re going to get a beating) and that university fees must be free.

And Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane has addressed his supporters saying today will be a memorable day like 27 April 1994 when the first democratic national elections were held, a day he said when South Africans were united.

It is a pity, as many have pointed out, that today is not as united as it should be – with the DA, EFF and Save SA campaigns all marching to (and in) Pretoria separately…

But they are marching peacefully and on the same day, all united with one purpose to reclaim the nation, and that is a start!