According to South Africa’s Suzelle DIY, these are the top fun things to do in Sydney, Australia:

  1. Drink coffee. Everywhere you go you’ll find good coffee because it’s “coffee culture”.
  2. Eats bananas. They love their bananas and you’ll get lots of banana bread.
  3. Exercise. You have to keep up with the people in Sydney, in the park, everywhere.
  4. Visit the Opera House, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.
  5. Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art (which spoke to Suzelle’s heart)
  6. Wear a cork hat. “Everybody does.” (Hmm, Suzelle’s having us on… everybody in Sydney does not wear a cork hat!)
  7. Try pronouncing some of the suburbs which have Aboriginal names – like Woolloomooloo. “It’s like living in a Dr Seuss book.”
  8. Eat sushi. With neat soya sauce bottles.
  9. Go koala hunting (or not!).
  10. Hang out at Bondi Beach. “It’s really cool.”
  11. Don’t let your friends back in South Africa call you if you’re on roaming. You’ll pay.

Suzelle says it’s “the most wonderful place” and admits Sydney charmed her and dragged at her heart… but she hasn’t emigrated. She was just on holiday.

Suzelle DIY on Fun Things To Do in Sydney, Australia