Animals Rescued and Residents Evacuated as Fires Encroach on Glencairn, Simon’s Town, Ocean View and Red Hill

The Western Cape continues to battle burning flames as new fires arise and blazes spread. On Wednesday afternoon an apartment block in Ocean View had to be evacuated, and several roads closed as fires raged across the mountains behind Glencairn, Simon’s Town and Red Hill in South Africa.

The City of Cape Town said “fires have necessitated that a number of roads be closed” and warned that vehicles are currently unable to access waste drop-off facilities in Welcome Glen and Simon’s Town.

One resident of Glencairn tweeted a thank you to the firefighters for “saving my house”; and many residents have been grateful to Tears Animal Rescue crew and SPCA for rescuing dogs, tortoises and many other frightened pets and wild animals trying to escape the flames and smoke.

Simon’s Town residents have been working together and helping firefighters to battle blazes. One woman told News24 that her shoes were “melting a little”.

Volunteer Wildfire Services reported they have a need for ice at the Newlands base – “any assistance would be great”.

The #CTFires on Twitter today: