Here’s a brilliant video, taken yesterday, of the overflowing Hartbeespoort Dam. The footage was filmed by Zaheer Abramjee and is very movingly set to Toto’s hit ‘Africa’.

Harbeespoort Dam videos have been ‘flooding’ YouTube as South Africans react joyously to the abundance of rain from the skies… although the Department of Water and Sanitation has warned that despite the rainfall “the dam levels are still under pressure and…. unless there is a rapid and significant change to rainfall patterns, there is still a very long road to recovery from the drought.”

The average dam level in South Africa is currently at 50.7%, said the department.

Last Sunday a dramatic drone video by Heiner Meyer went viral, showing all ten sluices being opened at Hartbeespoort Dam. (Scroll down to watch.)

MUST WATCH: Hartbeespoort Dam Overflowing

If your device is unable to view the video above – please watch below:

(Btw – if you haven’t seen it yet, watch: Goosebumps! Toto’s Africa performed by Angel choir.)

Harbeespoort Dam – all 10 sluices open 8 January, 2017

Filmed by Heiner Meyer.