South African Photographer’s Sequence Shots Behind The Iconic Images

Western Cape fire photographer and documentary maker JUSTIN SULLIVAN has become renowned for his photos that capture South Africa in its most heated moments – from the fire in Paarl that destroyed historical buildings, to the altercations in Cape Town between police and students during Fees Must Fall protests.

In his latest compilation, Justin takes viewers behind the scenes to the sequence of shots that result in those singular, unforgettable images he shares with the country.

Justin says: “Capturing that perfect shot takes patience, planning and positioning. Knowing your settings, understanding light and executing without hesitation are my ‘golden rules’. I make plenty of mistakes and take hundreds of terrible photos in an attempt to capture that perfect image, but the most important part is that I am out there trying.

“In the beginning I used to snap away as much as I could, in the hope that I would capture something good… As I have progressed and understood not only light and my camera better, but my subject matter, I have been able to photograph in a more effective manner.

“So I thought I would share some of my sequence shots over the past few months, executing my golden rules and focussing on the 3 P’s (patience, planning & positioning).”

And – having liaised with Justin over the years – there’s one more P that contributes to his spectacular photographs… Passion.

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