Brave rhino poaching survivor Thandi – who was left for dead almost five years ago after her horn was hacked off (in an attack which ultimately resulted in the death of two other rhino) – has given birth to a second calf at Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa.

The surprising and wonderful news has brought “pride and joy” to the reserve after a sad week in which the Rushmere family had gathered to celebrate the life of the Reserve’s founder, Colin Rushmere, who sadly passed away on 20 January 2017.

In a post on their website, Kariega said: “The birth of Thandi’s second calf is a beautiful testament to his legacy that lives on as a beautiful reminder of a special man and an inspired life.”

The birth of Thandi’s first calf, Thembi (meaning Hope), made headlines around the world as the rhino that was meant to die brought another rhino into the world… and added hope to an industry that had almost lost hope altogether. (Watch the video below.)

Now Thandi’s brought double that joy in her ongoing story of trauma, courage, perseverance and triumph.

Calling her ‘Rhino-Super-Mom’, Kariega described the excitement last week when it was noticed that Thembi was alone… whilst Thandi had disappeared in the very same area where she’d given birth a couple of years ago.

Dr William Fowlds, who has been with Thandi since the beginning, joined the team on Friday evening to search for her… and “with the use of a drone, they managed to locate her and discovered the exciting news!”

Kariega said: “We are incredible proud of her… and grateful too!”

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