Take a Trip Down Long Street, Cape Town: Dangerous Only to Your Wallet!

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, or during your next holiday to Cape Town, South Africa… feast on this video which has endless fabulous ideas of shops, restaurants, bars and boutiques to visit, all along one strip – Long Street.

“Cape Town is one of most dangerous cities in the world, and this is why,” says vlogger and tour guide Darren Barker from TravelVids.TV. “If you take your credit cards and wallet with you, it will end up empty from all the cool stuff you can buy.”

Or maybe not…

For tourists with Euros, Dollars or Pounds to spend – Darren says it’s “one of the most affordable cities in the world, not to mention its friendly people and the beauty”.

Long Street is like an anti-mall with a great vibe. “It has quite the Buzz during the day with lots to see and do,” says Darren. “Some fantastic shopping opportunities. Definitely nothing like your run of the mill shopping malls!”

This is also the perfect video to watch for South African expats who may be missing home… the video takes you right into the stores and makes you feel like you’re right there, talking to fellow South Africans!

Watch “Long Street. Cape Town is one of the most dangerous cities in the world, and this is why…