KFM Breakfast has done a FANTASTIC ‘America First, South Africa Second’ video… the latest in the ‘world series’ backlash to President Donald Trump’s inaugural speech when he went on (and on) about ‘America First’.

Although, as pointed out by some, South Africa is a little late to the party – the first video (from The Netherlands) was published over a month ago on 23 January – but South Africa’s version makes up for it with some great insights! KFM teach Donald about the vetkoek that “fits snuggly into small hands” and point out that South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma has even more current wives than Trump has ex-wives!

The video ends with a brilliant map of how America’s president can find South Africa!

Watch America First, South Africa Second – by KFM Breakfast

If you missed the others in the series, here’s The Netherland’s first one – it’s had over 23 million views:

Here’s Switzerland’s pretty awesome version:

And here’s Namibia’s version which they uploaded almost a month ago, and which has already had over 1 million views!