The BEST Parodies and Views of that BBC Interview the Cool Kids Interrupted

First the “Kid Interrupts BBC Interview” went viral and was watched by MILLIONS… and now it’s the parody interviews that are everywhere. Here – for your convenience – are four of the best…

The video – of Professor Robert Kelly’s children gatecrashing his very serious interview about South Korea – was heralded as a Perfect 10 in terms of physical comedy. First his daughter swaggered into his home office, followed on wheels by her little brother, with Mom in hot pursuit… skidding into the room to escort them out.

1. First, here’s the interview and American talk show host Ellen’s dissection of what makes it so good, we just can’t get enough:

2. South African comedian Trevor Noah, who presents The Daily Show on Comedy Central in the USA, called it “The Greatest Moment In The History Of Television”…

3. Parody Video of How a Mom would’ve Handled the Gatecrashing Kids

4. Parody Video of how Darth Vader would’ve Handled Interrupting Droids 

In subsequent interviews Prof Kelly and his wife Jung-a-Kim have revealed she was busy filming the ‘live’ interview on another TV… but there was a 20 second delay so she wasn’t quite sure where the children – Marion (who has become an international sensation with her glasses and attitude!) and James – had wandered off to…

Prof Kelly said contrary to speculation, he was wearing pants! And that he likes to leave the door open so the children know their parents are always accessible.

As can be seen from Prof Kelly’s tweet at the bottom of the page… he had no idea his family was about to become the most famous family in the world for a couple of days.

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