The South African Communist Party (SACP) has confirmed it has been consulted regarding President Jacob Zuma’s alleged plan to implement a Cabinet reshuffle in the next few days… and, confirming rumours, said that the President is mainly gunning for Minister Pravin Gordhan and his Deputy, Mcebisi Jonas. He allegedly wishes to replace them.

In a very interesting press briefing Thursday morning in South Africa, the SACP’s Deputy General-Secretary Solly Mapaila said the SACP rejected the President’s plan, contrary to some incorrect press reports.

In a statement, the SACP said it “wishes to state that as the norm, the President informed us of his intention to effect a Cabinet reshuffle, replacing both the Minister and Deputy Minister of Finance.

“We recorded our objection to the intended reshuffle. However after the meeting an unfortunate selective leak to various media houses has distorted the facts, sought to create a public impression the SACP is first responsible for the leaks but secondly has agreed to the intention.”

Mapaila said the SACP rejects the reshuffle, the intended replacements, and the motives behind it. He said Gordhan and Zuma don’t need to be friends for Gordhan to continue his work at the Treasury.

He said Gordhan and Jonas have served the ANC movement with “distinction” and they should not be harassed. He said the SACP could not agree with a reshuffle that would be detrimental to the country.

“Comrade Pravin has run that ministry with absolute cleanliness, and that’s what is impressing us, it’s one of the best-run departments.”

Mapaila said the Treasury is a very sensitive department and “we must not allow the parasites and vultures to encircle it and loot it completely”.

According to Mapaila, the Gupta’s citizenships should be revoked as it’s “toxic” to the ANC alliance.

Mapaila said President Zuma cited an intelligence report as his reason for recalling Gordhan from an international investment trip to the UK and USA earlier this week. He called the recall pathetic and said “we should not be treated like children, really”. According to some local reports, Zuma believed Gordhan was allegedly going to undermine him during his business meetings with financial investors abroad.

Mapaila said: “We have a responsibility not to allow ourselves to be run by gangsters nor degenerate into a gangster state wherein public office bearers and officials cannot discharge their responsibilities without fear or favour.”

Mapaila spoke of “corruption on steroids” and the need for leadership with good morals, ethics and values. He said there must be accountability.

He said there will be a national imbizo on 22nd April which will focus on “challenges confronting our revolution”.

Watch SACP Media Briefing, 30 March 2017