A Danish vocal group – called the Baobab Sisters – are so passionate about South African songs that they’re putting together an album of SA songs, sharing culture through music.

Band member Henny Hagerup told SAPeople that they’ve toured SA many times in the past seven years, “cooperating with many amazing people, such as Bra Hugh [Masekela], The Soil and Young Mbazo”.

In fact the band – of eight female singers – is looking forward to touring South Africa again in September, and has launched a kickstarter campaign for their first full-length album that explains why they love singing SA songs so much.

The band uses profits from its concerts in Denmark to fund trips to South Africa.

The album will be a mix of traditional and modern South African music.

“We are creating this album because we want to remember all the love and the warm hearted experiences we’ve had through our musical meetings with South Africa – and most of all, we want to share these experiences…

“Since a lot of the South African traditional music isn’t written down, we bring with us recorders to South Africa. We ask people to sing for us, we sing and dance together, we record the songs, we write down the lyrics and rehearse the songs when we get back home to Denmark.”

The songs on this album will be a result of this process.

For the Baobab Sisers, it’s important to search for moments that make one feel happy, joyful, excited and grateful… and for them, “the journey into South African music has been about discovering exactly these moments”. Watch their video below…