Kruger Safely Retrieves 4 Escaped Lions, 1 Still on the Loose in South Africa

South African National Parks (SANParks) has confirmed that only one lion still remains outside the Kruger National Park borders. It is hoped that the lion will be captured and returned to the park before nightfall.

Five lions escaped from the famous South African wildlife park yesterday, with a witness reporting having seen them on the N4 / Mananga Road crossing in Komatipoort yesterday morning (Monday, 8 May 2017).

SANParks says they believe the five sub-adult male lions were chased out of the park area by a dominant pride.

Three hours ago SANParks reported that one lion had been darted and taken to Crocodile Bridge area. An hour later a second lion was successfully darted and SANParks had “sight of the remaining lions”.

In the last hour, the park has updated that two more lions have been captured… and only one more remains. One of the two captured was actually on the other side of the highway.

The captured lions have been driven back safely – and alive – to the park. Helicopter surveillance is ongoing for the remaining lion, which has been spotted on a nearby farm.