The BBC today published a list of stars’ names with tips on how to pronounce Charlize Theron – South Africa’s famous Oscar-winning actress – as well as how to say other famous names, including that of their own Harry Potter author.

In the article – “Celebrity names you’re probably saying wrong” – reporter Genevieve Hassan explains the correct way to say JK Rowling (“It’s Rolling – as in Stone,” says JK), Barbra Streisand (‘sand’ not ‘zand’), Amanda Seyfried (‘Sigh-fred’), Susan Sarandon (rhymes with ‘abandon’) and others.

With Charlize Theron, the BBC say she’s had a “rough time getting people to say her surname right”, and that she’s finally settled on ‘Ther-in’ (and not Ther-on or Ther-own)… but admit – like all South Africans know – that even that is not how her name is really pronounced.

“In Afrikaans, it’s pronounced Shar-leeze Thrawn, but she’s opted for Ther-in as she thinks it’s easier to say,” say the BBC.

For good measure, they’ve added a link to the video below in which Charlize told British celebrity interviewer Piers Morgan just exactly how to pronounce her name!

Charlize also speaks a little Afrikaans for Morgan! She was brought up in Benoni speaking Afrikaans and only learnt to speak English properly when she moved to the USA, which explains why Charlize Theron speaks with an American accent even though she’s from South Africa. She watched lots of television shows to master the language and American accents.

WATCH VIDEO: Charlize Theron Speaks Afrikaans and Explains How to Say Her Name Correctly

Read the full article on the BBC here.