‎Rouxle Pienaar Gioffre‎ left South Africa in 1992. She moved to the United States as an au pair… and loved it so much she decided to stay, now living in Newtown, Connecticut with her husband Tony (an American) and three children (15, 13 and 10). The last time Rouxle was in SA was in 2010 for her father’s funeral. Seven years later she has just visited again – this time for a three-week holiday with her family. Here is Rouxle’s impression of the land she once called home…

“To be honest with you I was a little nervous to take my family after reading posts on how dangerous South Africa has become.

“My experience was the complete opposite.

“We had the best time ever. Not once in the three weeks while we were there did I ever feel unsafe or threatened. It was the complete opposite.

“Wherever we went we were welcomed and the people could not be nicer and more helpful. I had a great time showing my children the country that I grew up in.

“Eating all my favorite foods – milktart, rusks, crunchies, biltong, samosas, bobotie, sausage rolls – and exposing my children to this beautiful culture is truly priceless and once in a lifetime.

“If you are planning a trip back to South Africa, do not let anyone convince you not to go because of safety.

“Yes I’m sure there are areas that are not safe, but in general it is as beautiful as I remember it…”

And here’s the beautiful proof – photos from Rouxle’s family safari in the Limpopo provence, and trips to Hermanus, Table Mountain and Seal Island. “It truly was a great trip!”

“in general it is as beautiful as I remember it…”

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