Uber Driver Passes Away A Month After Brutal Attack in Pretoria, South Africa

It is with a great sadness that Uber South Africa has confirmed that one of their driver-partners has passed away after a brutal attack in Pretoria on the weekend of 10 June 2017.

“We are deeply saddened to learn of this tragic news. Our hearts and thoughts are with his family during this difficult time and we will continue to offer our support.

“We are assisting the police in their investigation in every way possible,“ said Samantha Allenberg, Uber Africa Spokesperson

The Uber driver was attacked by a small group of unknown individuals in Pretoria, and his car was set alight while he was still in the vehicle… leading to him sustaining serious injuries and being hospitalised ever since.

Uber said in a statement Monday morning that the incident has been deeply upsetting to all  at Uber as the driver-partner was a “part of our community”.

Uber has a team of former law enforcement professionals who are working with the Police to support their investigation.

There have been reports of other Uber vehicles being set alight or having bricks thrown through their windows, and drivers assaulted… allegedly targeted by metered taxis or their supporters, in what some have called “warfare” as metered taxis

Uber said: “There is no excuse for these violent acts. We know that these actions do not represent the entire industry, however, this violence and intimidation against those who choose to use the technology apps, like Uber, must stop.

“Using violence and intimidation to limit consumer choice is unacceptable.

“We have requested an urgent meeting with the Police Minister and the Minister of Transport to resolve this situation.”

Uber said it cannot comment on behalf of policymakers or authorities whose responsibility it is to ensure people can move around their cities; safely, reliably and without limitation.

“The security response teams that we have hired will continue to provide additional security support around the stations. We are doing everything we can but Uber is not a security company and so we need the help of Law Enforcement to resolve these issues as soon as possible,” said Uber.

In late June 2017, this video surfaced of another apparent Uber vehicle being set alight in Pretoria:

Days later, this photo also surfaced…