Son of Cecil the Lion Meets Same Fate: Killed by a Trophy Hunter #RIPXanda

Two years after a lion named ‘Cecil’ was killed by a trophy hunter in Zimbabwe, his son – called ‘Xanda’ by researchers – has met the same fate. Killed by a trophy hunter.

Source: World Heritage Species

Cecil’s death – by dentist Walter Palmer – caused outrage around the world. On Thursday evening a similar wave of shock has been resounding around the globe as conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts react to the news.

Xanda was killed just outside Hwange National Park, where he had wandered across the border, close to where he was born.

The scientist who had last October fitted a collar to monitor Xanda stressed that the professional hunter (PH), Richard Cooke, was “one of the ‘good’ guys”.

Oxford University’s Andrew Loveridge, from the Zoology Department, said Cooke is “ethical and he returned the collar and communicated what had happened. His hunt was legal and Xanda was over 6 years old so  it is all within the stipulated regulations.”

Loveridge told the Telegraph newspaper that he hopes a 5km exclusion zone will soon be implemented around the Park, to prevent hunters accidentally shooting collared lions.

The name of the actual hunter has not been revealed.

Captured in Africa Foundation said: “At 6 years old, #Xanda was barely half way through his life… until hunters preyed upon him as he wandered out of his protected national park. How atrocious is this situation that such a young lion can be hunted for a trophy? How does the lion population stand a chance with such killing of healthy male lions?

‪* Only 6 years old!‬
* Once again preyed upon leaving the sanctuary of his national park home!‬
* Cubs of his own left behind
* Lion population numbers under severe threat
‪* Enough is enough

CIA’s founder Dre Abrahamson said “we are going to fight, then fight again for lions!!”

Born Free’s Will Travers‏ said: “Shocking! Devastated! @BornFreeFDN @BornFreeUSA say enough is enough!”

Lions of Hwange National Park travel agent said: “Today we heard that a few days ago, Xanda, the son of #CecilTheLion has been shot on a trophy hunt by Zimbabwe PH Richard Cooke. Cooke also killed Xanda’s brother in 2015, he was only about 4 years old then. Xanda is still a young father at 6.2 years old and has several young cubs. We can’t believe that now, 2 years since Cecil was killed, that his oldest Cub #Xanda has met the same fate.

“When will the Lions of Hwange National Park be left to live out their years as wild born free lions should…?”


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