With technology advancing every second of the day and making life that much easier for all of us, it’s a no-brainer that we should be taking advantage of all that’s out there! There is literally an app for everything, whether it be tracking the number of steps you’ve taken in a day or an app that reminds you of where you’ve parked your car!


The use of these forward-thinking little things means saving time, money and perhaps saving some brain energy too- because, well, they do everything for you! Sounds sweet, right?

What’s sweeter, is that there are plenty of super useful apps out there that are free and that you may not have known existed!

Think of all the space you could free up in that head of yours, just by making use of these gems!

We’ve taken on the task of doing all the background checks for you, making sure that the apps we’re about to surprise you with, are free, helpful and make the running of a business a stress-free pleasure.

Instead of running around, like a headless chicken, give your worries to these uber practical apps and let them do it all for you, at no extra cost!


One of the most vital factors of any business is effectively producing high-quality content, that is up-to-date, compelling and is inevitably, shareable. Whether your content is presented in the form of blogs, newsletters, website copy or anything else, it’s what will get people talking about your business, will attract traffic to your site and more importantly, will help you generate an online presence, for Google to recognise you. So, while there are many incredible agencies that assist in improving your online presence, there are also apps that can help you stay on top of your content. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have an influx of traffic to your site, but it will make content-on-the-go, possible.

Sunrise Calendar

This app is fantastic for anyone who needs a concise, organised plan of their upcoming schedule-and I’m pretty sure; this is everyone! Not only does it allow you to plan your day, week or month easily but it even sends you notification alerts, to ensure you never miss a thing!


It’s safe to say; no-one likes paperwork. No-one! It just increases stress and anxiety when you see a desk full of paper, piling up, minute-by-minute. ShoeBoxed has your back in this regard as it allows you to digitise and store all hardcopy pages, into one easily accessible ‘shoebox’. Whatever you need, will be stored under specific folders and will be accessible from wherever you are.


Basecamp is an effective project management tool that allows one to create work-flow calendars that accommodate other employees, through invitation. It’s a great app to ensure everyone is on the same page with what they’re doing as well as their colleagues. With this app, you can make comments, attach files, set due dates as well as create checklists for each task. Sounds like an organised piece of technology to me!


Pretty much every person on the planet has heard of Skype, and we can all agree that it’s probably the most sought-after of all the apps. Skype offers a plethora of essential tools, which will make business life a lot easier. One of the most well-known functions of Skype is the ability to create chat groups, where photos, videos and files can be shared as well as being able to hold meetings with up to 200 people at a time.

What’s great about Skype is that it is mainly used by businesses and business people, so when there are improvements to the app, it almost always falls in line with the needs of a business. It is trusted by most leading companies and is often the most convenient to communicate with clients, both regarding legal services and additional ad hoc issues.


Wave is an accounting app that allows businesses to track their sales, expenses, invoices, and everything else that has to do with money and accounts. It was designed with small businesses in mind, and has an easy to use interface, meaning you don’t need to be an accounts guru to find your way around! Phew!


This is the perfect tool for a company that sends out dozens of newsletters via email. With MailChimp, you can customise your email templates and even keep track of the performance of your sent mails. Remember what I said about continuous content to ensure people talk about your business! Now there are no excuses when MailChimp is right at your fingertips!

It’s easy to see that there are countless apps out there waiting to take on all those tedious tasks for you, but unfortunately, if we listed them all, you’d be here all year! To us, these are the most useful, effective and downright essential ones for you and your business. No need to stress any longer, now you ‘have an app for that!’