Cute Video of Baby Rhino and Hippo Helps Shine Spotlight on Poaching in South Africa

A cute video of a baby hippo and a baby rhino playing together at an orphanage in South Africa has been shared around the world by small and major news outlets, including MSN. Watch here:

Ntoto & Charlie

These two babies love to play together!

Posted by Helping Rhinos on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The video shows baby Charlie, an 18-month old hippo, playing with six-month-old Ntoto. But while the video is adorable… the circumstances are tragic. Charlie’s mother was unable to take care of him following the devastating drought in South Africa; and Ntoto’s mother was cruelly killed by poachers for her horn… to feed a demand in Asia for rhino horn, fuelled by a myth that it has medicinal properties, and ignorant to the fact that rhinos are actually killed for their horns.

The footage was shot in August and has been watched tens of thousands of times since, thanks to Helping Rhinos, a UK and USA based rhino-conservation charity which aims to ‘rescue, protect and educate’.

Helping Rhinos is one of several overseas organisations doing everything they can to help prevent South Africa’s rhino from going extinct. Helping Rhinos was started in 2012 by Simon Jones, a corporate businessman who had worked for American Express for 24 years… but decided to do his bit to end rhino poaching after spending six weeks on a conservation project at Kariega Game Reserve.

He was there at Kariega when the Reserve suffered the tragic triple poaching attack in March 2012… and “could sit back no more and watch as hundreds of rhinos were unnecessarily slaughtered”.



Right now Helping Rhinos is raising money to help expand South Africa’s very successful Black Mambas Rhino Anti-Poaching team into other parts of the continent.

Watch Baby Hippo and Rhino Play Together

Watch baby rhino Ntoto being fed milk


Ntoto is such a cute orphan! Help him get all the milk he needs by virtually adopting him!

Posted by Helping Rhinos on Saturday, September 23, 2017