President Zuma Criticises Opposition for Raising Issues from Books

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma hit back at opposition MPs yesterday, during the National Council of Provinces, for not listening to the ANC report on everything it has achieved… and instead raising issues from books.

He was referring to, amongst several others, Jacques Pauw’s best-selling expose “The President’s Keepers” which the State Security Agency (SSA) is trying to get blocked.

Pauw’s book reveals the people around Zuma who are keeping him in power despite increasing allegations of corruption.

On Wednesday SSA opened a case at Lyttleton Police Station in Pretoria, requesting an investigation into the leaking of information which appears in the book (which for many was just proof of the authenticity of the contents). The SSA claims Pauw acted in breach of the Intelligence Services Act, but experts say the Act does not apply to civilians.

Zuma said yesterday that opposition members “can’t engage” with the presentation the ANC had given, and instead “they must then come with their books”. And then… being Zuma, he joked about a book, chuckled his famous chuckle and ended with “Jrrrrr“.

He also chastised those who badmouth South Africa, saying: “We have a responsibility to promote our country externally. And, to solve whatever problems we have internally in a patriotic and responsible manner.

“Attacking South Africa and badmouthing the country when she is most vulnerable is irresponsible. Especially if done by South Africans themselves.”

He then criticised white people and apartheid saying, “the privileged classes become angry when we speak about the reality of the apartheid legacy” and said it is because “they want it to be forgotten”. He said it is wrong that white households earn an income level that is six times higher than that of black households.

Watch President Jacob Zuma hits back at MPs for raising issues from books