Reports Pres Robert Mugabe Asked to Step Down Amidst Pending Coup in Zimbabwe

According to reports on social media, Zimbabwe may be under threat of a military coup and President Robert Mugabe (93) has been asked to stand down. He has allegedly been given 24 hours after firing Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa (75) last week. However these reports are unconfirmed and the three tanks which were caught on film (see below), have turned before Harare and are allegedly headed to the Presidential Guard headquarters.

Political analyst Ryan Cummings said: “For what it’s worth, no foreign embassies in Zimbabwe have as yet issued any advisories noting unusual troop movements in Harare. Their actions amid uncertain political developments is often best gauge of situation available.”

Journalist and analyst Samira Sawlani‏ said that she had spoken to a friend in Zimbabwe who says “while they don’t know what’s going on, to say it’s lead up to a coup is ‘jumping to conclusions’.”

The Capital is currently calm, there are no troops on the streets and the state broadcaster and airport are untouched, according to Sawlani, who says those would be the usual signs of a coup taking place.

Zimbabwe’s ruling party Zanu PF posted a tweet saying: “Thanks for your concerns, there is NO coup happening in Zimbabwe. Please continue with your lives and face up to your own problems.”

According to the UK’s Independent newspaper, eyewitnesses say military vehicles have blocked major roads outside Harare and sealed off state TV broadcaster ZBC.



However some of the images posted online were fake.

If there is any truth in the rumours, it would mark the end of Mugabe’s 37 year rule…