The Brilliantly Bright Blue Blood Super Full Moon, 31 January 2018 PICTURES

If you look up right now, wherever you are, there’s a beautiful bright super-moon orbiting our planet. Today – 31 January 2018 – we’re blessed with a rare lunar occasion… the sight of a full moon, a total lunar eclipse (not visible from South Africa unfortunately), a blue moon and a super-moon all at the same time!

Pretty in Pretoria, South Africa

And while SA may not have experienced the lunar eclipse, the Supermoon has still dazzled in the sky… as evidenced by these gorgeous photos:


Stephanie Franz: “The beautiful moon tonight. Picture taken in Pretoria 🌕”


‎Peter Pazera‎: Super Moon…. Benoni… Looks like daylight outside…”

Mircea Gavris: “A bright moonlight 🌔 this eve in Benoni.”

Andrea Ben: “I’ve edited these pics below… but the moon was red for some time. We didn’t see the blue, but when I edited the photo of the blue moon, it was more blue than red! Normally on my colour filter when I edit a moon it will either be pink or red… never blue 🙂 It was an extremely bright moon.”


By Alan Rudnicki in Cape Town

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Christo Smith Photography – So, I went and found a spot just off Beyers Naude Drive and waiting for the moon rising this…

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