PHOTOS Cape Point Fire, South Africa

A large wildfire quickly spread on the Cape Peninsula yesterday, 1 March 2018, as crews battled the blaze in strong South Easterly conditions. Western Cape photographer Justin Sullivan captured these photos of the Link Road Cape Point Fire.

“Approximately 90 firefighters were on the line, with three Hueys and a Spotter plane,” said Justin.

“Crews stayed the night and are currently still monitoring the situation with one flank still burning strong.”

According to Working on Fire (WoF), the fire is still burning on the left flank close to Circular Drive. The right flank – which jumped Link Road – is more or less contained at this stage. Helicopters have been dispatched to work the left flank up to Brightwaters and to assist with flare ups on the right flank, said WoF.

Justin Sullivan is on assignment forĀ Walking with Fire: A Wildfire Documentary