Charlize Theron On Braai ‘Toasties’ and Socialising the South African Way

South Africa’s Oscar-winning actress and humanitarian Charlize Theron gets hot and spicy (her son calls her Mama Spicy) with YouTube show First We Feast’s ‘Hot Ones’… answering hot questions from Sean Evans as she eats even hotter wings.

During the show Charlize sings one of her favourite South African ‘expressions’/songs (‘sit jou hand voer jou mond‘), and shares the recipe for braai ‘toasties’ (known in South Africa as ‘broodjies‘!).

It turns out the world famous South African expat is actually quite a chef – able to cook a 10-course meal for 25 people. She says her love of cooking is more about the social aspect of having everybody in the kitchen and drinking a few bottles of wine. “It’s very South African to socialise around food and drink, and how I was raised,” she says.

The Hollywood superstar says that as soon as she was settled in LA and had made friends, this became her best way to spend a Friday or Saturday night.

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