Charlize Theron On ‘Praating Die Taal’ When You’re A South African Expat

Most South African expats do it. And most of them have been caught at it at least once… including one of SA’s most famous expats, Hollywood actress Charlize Theron. We’re talking about ‘praating die taal‘ in public, using Afrikaans as a ‘secret’ language when you don’t want the people around you (or your own children in the case of many expat parents) to understand what you’re saying.

Charlize recently told American-based, British comedian James Corden about the time it backfired on her and her mom when they were dissing a guy at the airport… watch below.

She also teamed up with Gringo co-star David Oyelowo to exchange some African slang. (Even though David is British-American, he was born in Oxford to Nigerian parents of Yoruba ethnicity.) She taught him a few Afrikaans words and sayings, including the very useful ‘babbelas‘, ‘stukkie‘, ‘pomp‘ and ‘moenie die hoender ruk nie‘, while he taught her some Yoruba expressions.

WATCH the time Charlize Theron was called out for speaking Afrikaans…

WATCH Charlize Theron and David Oyelowo teach each other slang words from the Afrikaans and Yoruba languages:

WATCH Gringo Trailer starring Charlize Theron and David Oyelowo