WATCH TV Ad Shows Lobola is No Laughing Matter!

A local insurance company has South Africans in stitches again with an advert that highlights how meanings get lost in translation so often in SA!

King Price Insurance – whose April ‘Do Something Sexy to a Tractor’ TV ad attracted over 1 million views in 24 hours when it went viral on Whatsapp – has released the second in its series of TV commercials themed ‘When others don’t make sense, we do’.

The new ad tells the story of a young man with an odd accent who kind of messes up his lobola payment! Watch below.

The concept for this latest ad came about when members of the team were at King Price’s Lekkerland Carnival in Dullstroom. Bouwer Bosch says someone “offered coffee, saying he was going to put the kettle on, and that sparked some word play. We also wanted to create something culturally diverse and  proudly South African so we played with the concept of lobola… And here we are!”

As with the previous ad, this one is going viral too…

WATCH Lobola is no laughing matter… But not making sense can be