WATCH Kind SA Businessman Offers Poor Shopper Anything He Wants

Watch below as a young guy, clearly struggling to make ends meet, is given the opportunity – by an anonymous kind businessman – to buy whatever his heart desires in a Checkers store in South Africa (as well as giving him cash AND giving him the opportunity to tip the teller!).

This video, and others with similar gestures of kindness, is going viral… spreading a little goodwill and inspiration on how to treat the needy.

The kind businessman behind the generous gestures is known as ‘Businessman Malcolm X’. He’s been going around to universities in South Africa, donating to needy students too. He’s apparently not videoing the kind deeds for any kind of personal gratification or fame. In fact you can’t even see him in the video. His motive is purely to “be a blessing to someone”… and to encourage others to do the same.

According to BI Phakathi, Malcolm X is a “simple guy with a big heart for people. He has been dishing out money to the poor and students like Father Christmas. His name is Malcolm X and he has been changing the narrative on giving to the poor. He is not giving food parcels only but cash at hand.”

WATCH young guy offered chance to buy whatever he wants in South African store

Giving to the needy by Malcom X

He found this boy in the shop and asked him to buy anything he wants@business_malcolm_x

Posted by BI Phakathi on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

BI says the local media have tried to criticise Malcolm X, but they are just negative and will always find fault when they see “excellence in a black man”, more used to seeing politicians spending on Dubai trips and shopping sprees to “satisfy their ego”.

“I know the struggle of going day by day without food on the streets begging. I know the struggle of being in varsity without financial help or food. Most students are struggling out there and they need serious financial help. Malcolm has been been making a difference in all these people in every chance he gets. I would like to salute this man and many more who will follow in his leadership…”