Viv Vermaak: 101 Uses For a Hadeda

It’s Friday… so, over to Viv Vermaak. This week Viv offers 101 Uses for a Hadeda:

Viv says: “We love them! We hate them! But they are as South African as brainless, rugby, sunny skies and car guards.  Today I explore some good ways we can put Hadedas to good use… since we can’t kill them!”


101 USES FOR A HADEDA!We love them! We hate them! But they are as South African as braaivleis, rugby sunny skies and car guards.Today, I explore some ways in which we can put Hadedas to good use, since we can't kill them.As always, all FO Friday videos are shared on a followable page, Fuck Off Fridays:

Posted by Viv Vermaak on Friday, September 14, 2018


Viv says: “My brief to the puppet builder was: “Don’t make it fancy. It must look like I made it myself with some prestik, superglue and a bottle of brandy.” It seems Marcia Vermaak, can simply not do a bad job.


“Harry the Hadeda has full articulation in his arms, legs, head and mouth. He was, after all built by one of our country’s foremost set-builders, propsmakers and now, Karoo artist.

“Marcia has worked on massive projects such as District 9, Leon Schuster movies and Die Antwoord videos. Now she made a Hadeda for Viv se Stoep. She is obviously moving upwards.

“Harry the handy Hadeda was manufactured in Calitzdorp and will take permanent residence in Germiston. A book, 101 Uses for Harry the Handy Hadeda is in the pipeline”