President Cyril Rampahosa has reassured delegates at a business seminar, on the side of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, that “there’s no land grab in South Africa”. (Watch below.)

President Ramaphosa Denies Farm Murders and Land Grabs in South Africa
President Ramaphosa at the UN General Assembly, September 2018. Source: GCIS

Speaking to Bloomberg during his trip to the US, the South African president also said that President Donald Trump’s tweet about the country’s land reform had been misinformed (following a Fox News report about attacks on white farmers).

Trump and Rampahosa were seated at the same table at a luncheon, but Ramaphosa said there was no time to discuss the tweet.

Ramaphosa took part in a roundtable discussion hosted by former New York mayor, American businessman Michael Bloomberg, on investment opportunities in South Africa. Several photos also showed Ramaphosa enjoying discussions with former US President Bill Clinton.

Former President Bill Clinton of the United States of America, President Cyril Ramaphosa of the Republic of South Africa, during the Bloomberg Global Business Forum Panel Discussion at the Plaza Hotel in New York. The Bloomberg Global Business Forum is an annual event organized by Bloomberg Philanthropies, the charity founded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The event is held during the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly each September in New York City.

Speaking on land, President Ramaphosa assured delegates that land reform will be undertaken in a manner that is consistent with the Constitution, enhances agricultural production and food security and promotes economic development.

“For generations, black South Africans were denied opportunities to own assets, establish businesses, acquire skills and enter professions.

“Nowhere was this more apparent than in the patterns of ownership and usage of land. The extreme concentration of ownership of land is one of the great impediments to the full realisation of our country’s potential,” said the President.

WATCH Ramaphosa speaking to Bloomberg: “There’s no land grab in South Africa”

Sources include Bloomberg and SANews.


  1. First of all–  I love SA People–your site is informative and without hype– it brings South Africans truthful, balanced and unbiased news and opinions– at a time, when its critical that the SA public is and remains clearly informed, particularly about our president’s and government’s current proposals and decisions which directly affect everyone’s future. I read that President Ramaphosa was highly disturbed about what came out of the ANC, as it presented the public with ‘mixed messages.’ Surely, that does hold true and should be corrected ASAP!

    I don’t know how to write a letter to President Ramaphosa and whether it will even make it to his desk … But needless to say, I love South Africa and all her peoples — who actually can say, they don’t? So hope I can share what comes from my heart here and hope against hope, by some miracle, President Ramaphosa somehow stumbles on my heartfelt comment and reads it! Herewith my frankly penned thoughts and I submit it without prejudice:-

    While it is over to the sitting government to determine SA’s domestic policies and affairs–and in this instance– arrive at successful solutions for the complex land issues– it was natural, that confluent from the president’s original bald announcement that land would be expropriated without compensation, it shocked and gravely dismayed the international community and set back our already hard hit economy left reeling and cripple by years of thievery and abject corruption.
    What is of further concern, is that President Ramaphosa’s statements to the UN Delegates, were less than open and honest, as while he tried reassuring the Delegates– what the World and local South Africans heard, were words which don’t ring true on the ground floor in SA– 

    Has some land already been expropriated without compensation? — Local news confirms this and in absence of official confirmation from the ANC that LEWC, is already a reality– surely when local and international news confirm it — it must be true?  This leads the SA public to conclude that our president is in denial or attempting to hide hard critical facts.  That President Ramaphosa further said, “there are no killing of white farmers in South Africa,” made the many and me personally– cringe on his behalf.  While he has a truly lovely smile, is charming and erudite and SA’s hopes are pinned on him– yet, as of now, SA urgently wants to witness he has unarguable pith and will prove himself as a man of stature.

    Global opinion– (and in my opinion, despite the poor calibre western leadership reflects at this time)– is and will always remain a reality and will continue serving as a critical gauge of a country’s commitment to its peoples and their futures. Thus, when the SA president negated both the ‘land grabs’ and the killing of white farmers– contrary to a measure of sound evidence supporting the international community’s criticism– it knocked local confidence in his forthright leadership and worse, his inability to face SA’s ground floor realities head on.

    While in fairness to President Ramaphosa, its clear he’s confronted with enormous challenges, that the complexities posed by the land redistribution issues are daunting– still, the president must face up to the fact that the precarious situation South Africa finds itself in, leads straight to the door of the ANC’s corrupt leadership and the ANC carries full responsibility for what transpired since its tenure commenced in 1994 and which subsequently lead SA to finding itself in the dreadful fix it is right now.

    I sincerely believe, that unless President Ramaphosa does not commence playing open cards with and begins to actively keep SA’s people informed– how hard it is for him is of no consequence– for it is incumbent on him to set the record straight– he will not regain the public’s confidence or become deserving of their trust.  Specifically, as he was Deputy President during the disastrous Zuma tenure– for that reason alone, even more so, is it critical, he commits to the people with complete  o p e n n e s s.  

    SA’s people must ALWAYS come FIRST, because one hundred percent, our president’s troth is and must always be to the people– not to the party who runs the government on behalf of the people. Very few presidents globally, realise this fearlessly proven truth anymore today and globally people are rebelling against these shoddy and worthless self-serving and ever more autocratic leaders and will boot out those without conscience and integrity.  

    If President Ramaphosa’s actions and motivations towards SA and her people are pure and sincere — he has to stand up against his detractors within and outside of the ANC and as’t were ‘spill the beans’ to SA’s people, so they are cognisant of the full truth. Not only will he then earn the people’s respect across the board– but in recognition of his courage and strength of character to shatter the fig leaf apron in-house autocracy ruling within the ANC– supposedly ‘governing’ the land from their ivory towers– he will pertinently be lauded for his tenacity to rid the ANC of all members whose past and current deeds have even a vestige of corruption clouds hanging over them and pending outcome of criminal actions, prove them innocent or guilty of wrongdoing.  

    For clearly most South Africans are deeply aware that the ANC– long ago set to be the ideal party to lead SA– tragically is no longer such a movement, but instead, a hollowed out cesspool of corruption rules from within its own ranks and its actions have become an insult to the intelligence of normal thinking people and even worse, become unworthy of the respect of its own shamefully neglected and deceived elect.  

    SA infinitely deserves a president with foresight and vision, a president to be proud of, an incorruptible president — for indeed SA’s greatest potential is her People and they will follow where such a president leads and in his capable hands, South Africa will bloom like never before. I am also sure, that with such a fearless president leading SA– we will sort out SA’s current mess, long before the US has sorted out theirs! 

    Lastly, the people can be the president’s greatest support — but o n l y when they know what is going on!– And in SA– at this time, we don’t. President Ramaphosa, please stop working for and protecting the ANC! You are employed by and work for the People of South Africa!

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