While Black Friday’s shopping bonanza was enjoyed fairly calmly – and in good spirits – by thousands of South Africans across the country… there were a couple of mishaps, like the door that was broken down by eager shoppers at the Game store in Empangeni. Watch below.

Crowds gathered at the 90 Game outlets around South Africa for the store’s special midnight opening… to get their hands on heavily discounted Black Friday special deals in South Africa – goods from toilet rolls to TV sets and everything in between.

Most of the country reported patient queues and well policed shopping… but Empangeni resident Mala Naidoo uploaded a video showing things were a little frenetic at the KwaZulu-Natal shop where heaving crowd broke a door, and some queuers were pushed to the ground having to crawl their way out of the heap.

Meanwhile, here’s a view of what it looked like from the other side of those kind of crowds… but this time at the Midnight Opening on Black Friday of Game Vincent Park:

Midnight at Game Vincent Park for Black Friday Midnight Opening

Game Vincent Park Black Friday Midnight Opening

Posted by East London Rising Sun on Friday, November 23, 2018

And meanwhile at a store in Canada:

Black Friday in Canada

This is literally a Black Friday sale in Canada.

Posted by Meanwhile in Canada on Friday, November 23, 2018

After watch the above video, an American wrote: “Dear Canada, We want to be you when we finally grow up. Sincerely, America”

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