Sunday on Carte Blanche: Drunk Drivers Could Face 7 Days in Jail

South Africa is one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to driving under the influence (with a very low conviction rate). It’s not unusual even to hear South Africans say, just before getting in to a car to drive home, “let’s have one for the road”! As if another beer or glass of wine is going to make the trip better…

But that mentality could soon end. On tonight’s episode of Carte Blanche (available to expats from Tuesday), South Africa’s popular current affairs show reveals possible solutions to drunk driving that could put a stop to it once and for all.

Last year, South Africa had over 86 000 cases of Drunk Driving – almost 15% up from the year before.

With an incredibly low conviction rate of no more than 11%, drunk drivers have been getting away with reckless behaviour.

But, if the Road Traffic Management Agency has its way, drunk driving could soon cost a drunk driver seven days in jail.

Carte Blanche looks at the proposed legislation and asks whether it could curb drunk driving incidents on SA roads.

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