An incredible story of corporate love in South Africa has been posted on social media, a wonderful story of the kindness of corporates – showing their more human face – to help a proud grandmother be at her eldest granddaughter’s graduation next year.

Inge Beukes. Source: Twitter profile pic

It began with Inge Beukes (@ComradeInge) tweeting on Sunday evening: “Called my gran to tell her I got my degree and she burst out in tears. Turns out she’s been using her pension for the past few months to save up for a flight ticket to Gauteng for my graduation. If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is.”

According to Inge’s Twitter page she’s a BA Law graduate with a Political Science major who studied in Pretoria.

The following morning, on Monday, Inge received the most amazing message from Kulula:

Hi there! We would love to help with a ticket for your Gran. 😊 DM us your details and when the flight is for and we’ll get into contact with you.

Unbelievably it didn’t stop there as the community tagged other brands who also came to the party:

Protea Hotels tweeted Inge:

Congratulations on completing your studies, Inge! Protea Hotels by Marriott would be delighted to host your Grandmother during your graduation. Please DM us your contact details so we can reach out to make the booking.

Screenshot by Tonya Khoury who is spreading the good news on Facebook

And that wasn’t all:

RbJacobs, who helps with FNB Accounts, tweeted:

Hi Inge! We’d ❤️ to help. Please could you DM me your full name, cellphone number & email address and we’ll be in touch. RB

Shaun Durandt from Nokia phones said:

Hi @ComradeInge, massive congrats on your graduation! HMD Global, The Home of Nokia Phones, would love to enable Gran to capture every special moment of it. In sharing the love we want to gift Gran with our Nokia 3.1 Dual-SIM smartphone. Please DM me contact info to arrange.

Twitter went crazy – enjoying a rare warm fuzzy moment as people thanked the corporates for their kindness to “Gogo”.

Someone tagged Nando’s and said “please assist with lunch”… to which Nando’s replied:

We hope your gran wasn’t planning on coming to Joburg without coming to visit us. Slide in and let’s organise some lunch. ❤️

Even the Gautrain got involved:

@ComradeInge Gautrain would like to jump on the “wagon” and support with transport along our route. Please DM us…

A blown away Inge replied: “Look at God 😭🙏🏿❤️.”

This is the Mzansi we want to see,” was a universal cry on Twitter as social media users wiped warm tears of joy and pride from their faces to type congratulations to Inge for her studies, to her Grandmother for the kind of love that can move mountains, and to the corporates for proving that when South Africans want to pull together – we can create the most magical inspiring moments in the WORLD!

Screenshot posted on Facebook by Tonya Khoury – “So good to watch and see SA pulling together.”

Thank you to ALL South Africans who are sharing this beautiful story!!!