South African comedian Trevor Noah revealed to his Daily Show audience this week just what he did at an American airport, when he realised that the souvenir he’d brought from home was not going to be okay to take through Customs.

When asked by a member of the audience – during his Between the Scenes segment – whether he’d brought any souvenirs back from South Africa after his recent holiday, Trevor disclosed that he’d brought biltong (“our version of jerky”), but that when he got near to the US Customs at the airport, he saw all the signs saying “No Meat Products”…

So, since biltong is “so delicious”, Trevor did what any self-respecting South African expat would do – he ate it all between baggage collection and the Customs gates.

Trevor said: “I can’t throw it away. It’s biltong!”

WATCH Trevor Noah tells Americans: You can’t waste biltong

You Can’t Waste Biltong

Don’t 👏 act 👏 like 👏 you’ve 👏 never 👏 eaten 👏 meat 👏 over 👏 a 👏 trash 👏 can 👏 at 👏 the 👏 airport

Posted by Between the Scenes on Friday, December 21, 2018

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