In this 14 minute video account the Red Bull Air Force takes to the skies from the Drakensberg Mountain Range in South Africa flying down the Sentinel and the Eastern Buttress. On this first-time journey, they attempt to base jump and wingsuit fly various iconic locations around the country.

Experience the Red Bull Air Force soar through this mythical wilderness and watch the backstory behind the first-ever wingsuit flight from two of its most alluring landmarks.


Some of the team’s comments about their Drakensberg experience:

“For me and my team mates – the Red Bull Airforce – we don’t get to go to Africa everyday.  This is a special trip of a lifetime.”

“We’ve been wanting to come to South Africa for years”

“We’re more afraid of the snakes than the jump!”

“The jump we did today – it’s what we do it for”

The Drakensberg mountain range stretches over 1000 km across South Africa and Lesotho, with its highest peak at 11, 424 feet. This highest portion of the Great Escarpment is known by the local Zulu community as uKhahlamba, Barrier of Spears. The place is renowned for its dramatic peaks, pinnacles and valleys.

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Source: Red Bull YouTube Channel